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Market Snap Shot by Mike McNally reports that this month's new 49 properties that went under agreement in the greater Fall River market area finishes slightly ahead of last January, with 47. So we had 2 more this year than last. Basically, the last 3 January's have hovered very close to the weekly average of 12 properties. In a nutshell we are basically even with the past three Januaries but we have seen improvement over December 2009. Click here for this and other discussions posted on our facebook page.


The Community Partnership Program initiated by the Kinnane Group nets a total of $4,166 in donations for our first 6 month fundraising effort for the Friends of Tiverton Library. . These funds will go toward the development and construction of the new Tiverton Public library that is proposed to be constructed near Bliss Four Corners in Tiverton.


Recent sales activity involved in the Community Partnership program at the Kinnane Group nets a total of $3,660 in donations provided to the Tiverton Library Foundation. Monies are earmarked to be spent on the development and construction of the new Tiverton Public library that is proposed to be constructed near Bliss Four Corners in Tiverton.

The list of beneficiaries currently involved in the Community Partnership program include the Friends of Tiverton Libraries, the Little Compton Community Center, the Sakonnet Arts Network, the Westport River Watershed Alliance, the Boys and Girls Club of Fall River, Dollars for Scholars and the Swansea Independent Baseball League.


The Kinnane Group will provide its financial support to the Westport River Watershed Alliance, (WRWA). Our support for the many programs and intiatives of the WRWA will come directly from The Kinnane Group to provide support for the Westport River Watershed Allianceour own grassroots efforts, namely, our Community Partnership program that was launched earlier this year.

The WRWA is a well recognized not-for-profit agency, established in 1976, that is charged with an enormous responsibility to not only the benefit of Westport but to the surrounding communities of Dartmouth, Fall River, Freetown as well as Tiverton and Little Compton in Rhode Island.

The WRWA mission statement reads, in part, "to restore, protect, celebrate, and sustain the natural resources of the Westport River and its watershed." It does so within three main areas of focus, namely, education, watershed improvement and advocacy. Grown to have more than 2,000 members, the WRWA has been involved in numerous projects that they have developed over the years to promote education for all ages, perform scientific research and advocacy for environmental issues, and that celebrate the watershed. Currently, WRWA’s major programs include the Watershed Education Program in local schools, Water Quality Monitoring, River News, and Outreach programs. WRWA has established itself as a leader in the environmental grassroots movement in New England, and is considered a role model for other communities.

The workings of our Community Partnership initiative is quite simple. In the event of a successful transaction as a buyer or seller who has engaged the services of the Kinnane Group, we shall in turn provide a donation to a participating local not-for-profit community organization, in this case, the Westport River Watershed Alliance.

To date our list of beneficiaries has grown to include the Friends of Tiverton Libraries, the Little Compton Community Center, the Sakonnet Arts Network, the Westport River Watershed Alliance, the Boys and Girls Club of Fall River, Dollars for Scholars and the Swansea Independent Baseball League.


The Community Partnership list of beneficiaries to also include the Sakonnet Arts Network.Sakonnet Arts Network

Sakonnet Arts Network, a local community organization established to promote the arts by providing programs, resources, and educational opportunities in Tiverton, Rhode Island and surrounding areas, shall benefit from our Community Partnership program that was unveiled in March of this year. According to John Kinnane of the Kinnane Group, "we certainly are very excited about being able to provide financial support to the Sakonnet Arts Network and we see their broad range of services and work in our local communities as invaluable".

Theater and arts touch countless lives in so many positive ways. We hope that through the participation of the Sakonnet Arts Network as a beneficiary in our Community Partnership program that performing and visual arts will continue to grow and prosper in our small little corner of the world.

  We are pleased to announce that Citizens-Union Savings Bank based in Fall River, Massachusetts has agreed to participate in our Community Partnership program by serving as a corporate sponsor. The bank will provide our first source of matching contributions Citizens-Union Savings Bank to those charitable contributions raised by the program specific to the Tiverton Public Library's capital fund raising project.

John Kinnane states, "this is just one more small grassroots step that moves toward the eventual fruition of the construction of the new Tiverton Public Library." We are excited to have such a community friendly bank like Citizens-Union Savings Bank involved in our efforts. Their commitment will go a very long way toward helping an excellent cause.


John P Kinnane, Real Estate Broker / AppraiserJohn Kinnane, of the Kinnane Group, Inc. announces the beginning of a new Community Partnership program. This "Community Partnership" program is very simple, it is a way for us to provide an added client benefit while helping to raise monies for local community organizations. Sell your property through our real estate office and we will provide a charitable contribution to a local organization of choice. That being said, the Kinnane Group will kick off this program by assisting in the capital fundraising campaign of the Tiverton Library Foundation.

The Kinnane Group is one of three local real estate companies that will participate in the new Community Partnership program. The additional participating real estate companies include Meeting House Properties in Little Compton, RI and McNally & Associates based in Fall River, MA.

"Charity begins at home", says Kinnane, "and this project couldn't hit any closer to home for us". Mr. Kinnane was the exclusive broker involved in a sale to Citizens-Union Savings Bank a few years ago when Gilbert & Jeanette Guimond sold their family-owned Guimond Farms property and more recently when he closed an adjacent land transaction from Citizens-Union Savings Bank to the Friends of Tiverton Library. The bank has established a beautiful branch banking and insurance facility at Bliss Four Corners and Tiverton Library Foundation has now embarked on their plans to build a brand new 30,000 sq. ft. state of the art public library The Kinnane Group supports the Little Compton Community Centerfacility that will not only become a town treasure for many years to come.

Our list of Community Partnership beneficiaries also includes the Little Compton Community Center, Boys and Girls Club of Fall River, Dollars for Scholars, a division of Scholarship America, and the Swansea Independent Baseball League. We see this as a responsible level of community support and involvement. Real estate brokers, by the very nature of the business, become ambassadors for the communities they serve and live in. We are the first to greet a community's new residents and what better way to show respect to their purchase decisions than for us to provide support to many of the great not-for-profit organizations that serve our local communities.

We are forging ahead with this grassroots program and we invite others to do their part. If you share these sentiments, we welcome you to help us, help others and take advantage of your own tax deductible charitable contribution as either a seller or buyer. Feel free to contact John Kinnane to obtain specific details regarding our Community Partnership program and how you too may become an active part of this Community Partnership program and give back just a little bit to one of these beautiful seaside New England towns and their neighbors. Mr. Kinnane can be reached by telephone at 508-678-6673 or 401-624-1764 or via email at

  Karen Flaherty, Realtor/Associate with the Kinnane Group receives national SRES® designation fromKaren Flaherty the National Association of Realtors. The SRES,  Senior Real Estate Specialist is specifically geared for assisting our growing population of those 55 years and older.  Karen joins more than 16,000 real estate professionals in North America who have earned the SRES designation. All were required to successfully complete a comprehensive course in understanding the needs, considerations, and goals of real estate buyers and sellers aged 55 and older.

The SRES Council, founded in 2007, is the world's largest association of real estate professionals focusing specifically on representing senior clients in real estate transactions. There are more than 16,000 active members of the organization world-wide. The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, “The Voice for Real Estate,” is America’s largest trade association, representing more than 1.3 million members involved in all aspects of the residential and commercial real estate industries

Please contact Karen to obtain special reports from the Senior Real Estate Council, which addresses specific needs and issues of those aged 55 and over. 


The Kinnane Group welcomes Sherilyn Ponte of Westport, Massachusetts to its staff of Realtor/Associates.  Sheri is a delight to have a board and she has a proven track record of excellence in service and sales with Home Interiors. Sheri is well qualified to assist in home searches and brokerage in the local market place.  More importantly, Sheri is just a wonderful individual who is always willing to go the extra mile for someone, always giving of herself and who finds great pleasure in helping people's dreams come true.

Please feel free to contact Sheri directly at 774-304-4655

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